Surprising situation on ARAM in LoL – Anivia’s bugged egg creates a huge wave of minions

The players shared an unusual situation that happens to them while playing ARAM.

League of Legends is a game that struggles with many more or less serious bugs. Those, which are often gameplay-threatening, are regularly discovered on Summoner’s Rift. Other modes or maps are also not error-free – they just appear in a slightly different form.

Some time ago there was an article about ARAM where one player got stuck in his own tower. A lot of controversies was also aroused by the fact that as a result of a mistake two of the same heroes appeared in one team – Riot is trolling LoL players once again – 2xKai’Sa in one team, because the client knows better

The latest bug concerns Anivia, whose egg has been permanently left on the map. What’s more – by its arrangement, the wave of minions was blocked, which in effect looked quite funny.

Anivia’s bugged egg and a huge wave of minions

A player named Kay-Chelle shared a short video from one of his games with others. At the very beginning, you can see that something is wrong – there is a huge wave of minions on the map that is not moving. It was blocked by Anivia’s buggy egg, which became immortal and stuck on the map for good. What’s more – the heroine could continue to play like nothing had happened.

As you can guess, this state of affairs was extremely troublesome because the team could not, for example, push the towers. The situation was saved, however, by Ryze, who decided to teleport the blocked wave of minions with his ultimate.

Commentators joked that such a large wave of creatures begged to be farmed with some area skill.

Those who encountered this bug on their own indicate that it is related to the Blackfrost skin. What’s more, the heroine in this skin must be killed by the opponent who has Collector.