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Tahm Kench from League of Legends will soon receive some big changes. How did players find out about this?

What will soon change for Tahm Kench, and how have the players noticed it?

There are a lot of champions in League of Legends who need a change, both according to the community and the developers. One of them is Tahm Kench, whose changes were announced over 10 months ago. The changes have not appeared until today, and the delays have been explained by the designers of the preseason.

The players, however, managed to find a clue that the champion will soon get major fixes. What exactly did the developers plan?

Why would the changes appear right now?

Yesterday the community could see a presentation of new skins for Camille, Lucian, Xerath, and Tahm Kench (New skins for LoL: Xerath, Camille, Tahm Kench and Arcana Lucian). In the case of the last hero, players have observed that his abilities work a bit differently.

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  • Q now applies a stack to his passive

  • His R (Abyssal Voyage) and W (Devour) were swapped

  • New W casts much faster and knocks up enemies in an area around him as he’s coming out

All these changes have been described some time ago by Rioter and you can read about all the news previously announced below.

We’ve moved Devour to the site of his ultimate for the current testing phase, as it turns out to be a much stronger spell while relying less on his ally. This will allow you to deal more damage when consuming the enemy and better protect your ally by also giving him a shield and not slowing Tahm Kench. With a longer cooldown and no access to abilities before level 6, opponents should be better able to exploit situations where a hero cannot use Devour. The New W, on the other hand, becomes a tool allowing for initiation less dependent on coordination with the ally. The ability looks similar to the current Ult, with the difference that it has a shorter range, works faster, and when reaching the target it knocks up enemies and deals damage to them. We also think this is a good time to improve the champion in general and let him do some nice tricks. We tested the Tongue Lash healing because we found that his fighting style is fully based on Thick Skin. We’re also trying to encourage the offensive use of Devour by allowing Tongue Lash to stack another passive stack, and giving Devour more range against enemies that are fully stacked.

At the moment, it is not known when the hero’s changes will hit the Live servers, but the disclosure that they are being tested may indicate that it will take place in the upcoming updates.