Teleportation to the line in LoL without a teleport? The new Dr. Mundo makes it possible

Bug in LoL that transfers Sion directly to his body from the passive.

Nearly every new character introduced by the creators of League of Legends has smaller or bigger bugs. It also doesn’t avoid reworking, and the community probably remembers very well the problems with Mordekaiser and his ultimate, which can even bug up to this day.

The new Dr. Mundo did not miss it and is able to bug Sion’s passive, which will automatically take him straight to the line after his “second death”. What is going on?

Dr. Mundo vs Sion

These two characters are most often seen as topliners, so it’s hardly surprising that they have been playing against each other more than once. It turns out that their combination is capable of bugging the game and teleporting Sion back to TOP if his passive time runs out.

It was perfectly shown by one of the Reddit users, who recorded the whole situation, including the reaction of the Sion player, surprised by what happened.

As we can see, if Mundo’s E is hit shortly before Sion’s passive disappears, he will appear in the place where he was knocked back. Of course, this only works in the first phases of the game when the respawn time is short.

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Even YouTuber – Vandiril, known for presenting bugs, drew attention to this problem. Will Riot do something about it? They certainly know about the case and this will be fixed in the next updates, but for now, if you’re playing against Sion, don’t use E to avoid bringing him back to the lane.