The ARAM players are furious. Riot has taken away their ability to complete all PROJECT missions

ARAM fans think that the creators of LoL have completely forgotten about them.

As you know, there is currently an event in League of Legends related to the PROJECT skin series. This theme returns to the game regularly and has a dedicated fan base. For this occasion, a pass was added to the store, and the community received access to missions from which event tokens can be obtained. These, as always, can be exchanged for numerous prizes – PROJECT skins, frames, PROJECT 2021 orb, keys, mysterious emotes, or hero shards.

For many people, these missions are an opportunity to unlock new content for free, so players will be happy to complete them during each event. And here comes the problem – this time something has changed and ARAM players feel disadvantaged. What is going on?

Missions of the PROJECT 2021 event

Typically, missions in League of Legends were created on a similar principle: there were two tasks to choose from, one often themed, related to specific activities, such as destroying towers, killing a dragon, playing a specific character, and the other consisting of, for example, playing 5 games.

In addition to that, there were of course missions consisting of scoring points (more for winning) or simply playing LoL – 30 games, regardless of the result, gave tokens and a ball with a skin fragment.

In this event, Riot decided to make the challenge a bit more difficult. The game features, for example, a mission to collect gold and win games, or a mission that requires the player to take part in 120 kills and deal a million damage to enemies. While there have been voices that the said quest may be problematic for supports who do not damage their opponents much, in the end, the mission is not impossible to complete.

The problem arises with another quest: Recruitment: Outcasts. It is about destroying 100 buildings (towers, inhibitors, or Nexus) and destroying 20 totems.

One of the players wrote:

Players who only play ARAM are unable to complete all PROJECT missions

Not sure if this was oversight by Riot or an intentional choice to get more players on summoner’s rift, however as a player who only plays ARAM I’m completely locked out of getting 30 of my PROJECT tokens.

Unfortunately, there are no wards on ARAM to destroy, and I stopped playing summoner’s rift because of how toxic the community that plays that mode are.

It might seem that it’s only 30 tokens and someone is making a problem out of nothing, but it must not be forgotten that for many people the lack of one of the missions will prevent them from purchasing specific items in the workshop, which can be frustrating.

Another player noticed that apart from the fact that the mission excludes some people, it is also terribly burdensome.

The three “30 tokens” missions are awful and ultra grindy. Hope this wont become the standard form the last 90 tokens

Also TFT doesnt make missions progress EXCEPT the “play 30 games” mission. Sent a ticket to support, they answered its a known bug and will be fix. 3 weeks already. Hope it will be fixed. This is a massive joke