The best Ruined skin concepts from LoL. Players are begging Riot to bring these ideas to the game

A lot of really interesting skin designs from the Ruined series have been published on the internet. Which one came out best?

Recently, the interest in the subject of ruin in League of Legends has been huge. There is a lot of talk about the upcoming mode, which will be related to the aforementioned theme. There are also leaks of new skins on the web, including Ruined Ahri (see: A new skin leak for Ahri. This is probably the “ruined” version of it).

The artists who play LoL decided to take advantage of the interest in the subject and created a lot of fan-style skin concepts from the series. Some of them are really polished and can easily be mistaken for official Riot art.

Ideas for skins from the Ruined series

Some of the concepts listed below have caught on so well that the community has asked Riot to add skins like this to the game. It is hard to be surprised – the designs are refined and perfectly reflect the theme of ruin.

Similar concepts have already been developed in the past, including Ruined Ahri before it was announced in leaks – Great League of Legends skin concept – what could Ruined Ahri look like?

Ruined Sona

Source: Vincent Tran

Ruined Syndra

Source: Alyssa Herman

Ruined Leona

Source: Vincent Tran
Source: syworks_

Ruined Lux

Source: PurpleKwa

Ruined Rek’Sai

Source: Debbysheen_

Ruined Jhin

Source: Oracle_chan
Source: Ruy E. Carulli

Ruined Xayah i Rakan

Source: JumiiFoxx

Ruined Aurelion Sol

Source: Wh1temare

Ruined Akali

Source: Lae F.​