League of Legends

The blue side wins the vast majority of professional League of Legends games. What is going on?

Contrary to appearances, sides on Summoner’s Rift are not equal.

Although the most popular map in League of Legends is practically symmetrical, most players will still prefer one side of it. The color assigned to the team is already important in the hero selection menu – one team choosing first will be able to choose the most desired character, and the other has access to the so-called last pick, which allows you to better adapt to the situation.

Paying attention to the statistics, it can be seen that the win rate is not equal depending on the side. According to, the blue team wins 50.8% of the games and the red team 49.2%. With such a huge sample, this is quite a discrepancy. But what is the situation in professional competitions?

A discrepancy in the professional LoL scene

A player with the nickname masterm0123 decided to summarize the games played in the MSI tournament so far and analyzed how the map side affects the win rate of professional teams.

  • RNG vs PSG
    • Blue Side Win Rate: 75%
    • Red Side win rate: 25%
  • DK vs MAD
    • Blue Side Win Rate: 60%
    • Red Side win rate: 40%
  • DK vs RNG
    • Blue Side Win Rate: 100%
    • Red Side win rate: 0%
  • Overall win rate of each side
    • Blue: 79%
      Red: 21%

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The players pointed out that the blue side has easier access to two heralds and the baron, and the red side has easier access to the dragon, which is not so important in the early stages of the game. One of the Rioters – NovaAsterix showed what could have an impact on such discrepancies in statistics.

Back when I looked at it when I worked on League, so a few years ago, and for non-pro players, it’s often camera angle. There isn’t much assymetry for Singed or Rammus but Rumble, Xerath, Nidalee, etc all suffer a ton on red side. Rumble specifically was head and shoulders above the rest. No difference was observed on Dominion or TT (again old analysis)

Rioter also mentioned that he would like to compare the statistics of the said Rumble and Udyr, in which the side should not have such an impact on the win rate.