The LoL champion “destroyed by Riot” isn’t all that weak? Top lane penta solo

Aphelios on TOP. What runes and items to choose?

Aphelios surprised many players at the time of its release. A character that was supposed to be difficult to master eventually turned out to be way too strong and not so complicated at all.

After numerous weaknesses and corrections that significantly influenced the position of the hero, he became forgotten and today practically no one plays him anymore. However, he can still shock with what he can do on Summoner’s Rift

The amazing Aphelios pentakill

Reddit user Keito1000 shared a clip in which he deals with all opponents alone. Moreover, the build used by the player was not what you’d expect. He reported that he started the game in top lane and that his items were bought for that position.

For this reason, you can see Plated Steelcaps or the recently added Hullbreaker among the items in the clip.

Aphelios on top is gaining in popularity, and while the overwhelming majority of players continue to choose him for the bottom lane, the statistics also show that in the case of top, these are not just individual matches.

The mythical item that players decide to buy is almost always the Immortal Shieldbow. Then the shoes are built, which in most cases are Plated Steelcaps, also known as Ninja Tabi and then Hullbreaker. The fourth item may be Bloodthirster and the fifth item may be Death’s Dance.

The most popular runes are Press the Attack, Triumph, Legend: Bloodline, and Coup de Grace. In the second tree, you can find Nimbus Cloak and Gathering Storm.

Build is a niche at the moment, but it is gaining popularity. It is quite likely that players will soon see Aphelios on top more and more often.