The LoL client decided to duplicate itself during the champion selection screen. Funny situation of one of the players

The player encountered an interesting surprise when he entered the game lobby.

The League of Legends client is a frequent topic of discussion among the community, but its reputation is not quite what the game’s developers would like. Players regularly share the errors they observe, which the client has a lot of.

Some of them can be really bothersome, while others can only amuse whoever has experienced them. In which category falls the bug that one of the players experienced?

Cloned LoL client

A user with the nickname Destinyizer decided to share with the community something that few had a chance to see. The LoL client decided to simply duplicate when choosing a hero. How did it look like?

At least the player’s summoner spells or runes changed in one window were changed in the other. Otherwise, he might have a hard time picking these things out and ultimately be unsure what he is going to play with.

So, answering the question from the very beginning, it can be concluded that the bug was rather nothing serious. The fact is, however, that it should not happen. LoL players commenting on the clip ridicule the client’s behavior and the code that, in their opinion, should have been improved long ago.