The LoL player has found a great way to avoid the autofill in LoL. How did he do it?

One of the LoL players shared his own way of avoiding the autofill.

Autofill is a system designed to shorten the waiting time for the game. Unfortunately, this comes at the expense of getting the unwanted positions.

It turns out that one of the players has found a way to bypass the system and gets the one they want every time. How did he do it?

Avoiding unwanted positions

Probably every League of Legends player once got a position that he definitely did not want and could not play on. Most often, however, TOP and MID players are auto-filled, because the largest number of people want to play these positions. So, in order to shorten the waiting time, Riot introduced a system getting people to 3 other roles.

One of the Reddit users, who is maining these two roles, revealed the secret to other players. Thanks to it in the last 200-250 games he never got a position that he did not choose. How did he do it?

Player Thedeefact says there is a simple trick for this – we just need to reset the queue every time the search time exceeds the estimated time that is displayed after entering the queue.

So basically if I queue and it says estimated time: 1.55, I exit the queue at 1.54 and start over again if the queue hasn’t popped before.
And if it pops before estimated time and not everyone accepts, Start over.
Same with if someone dodges a lobby.

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The author himself admits that he does not know if the method works 100%. However, he states that in the last 250 games he has never gotten auto-filled. Commenting on the post also confirms that they are doing the same and are also enjoying the game in their chosen position.

It certainly doesn’t work in high divisions, however, where waiting times are much longer and games are usually searched after the average expected waiting time. However, if we play below the diamond, we can certainly use this method.