League of Legends

The most broken and unbalanced skills which existence is hard to believe in LoL

Skills in League of Legends that were once introduced by Riot and that were totally broken.

There are over 150 champions in League of Legends, each with unique abilities. In addition, they have changed over the years due to the development of the game and numerous rework.

Older players, who have already spent hundreds of hours in LoL, decided to reminisce about old times and already changed skills. Although it would be hard to imagine they existed at the moment, they really were.

Too strong skills

Several new characters make their way to League of Legends each year, and some older champions receive small or full rework. Sometimes, however, Riot Games’ ideas get weird, and many players wonder how it was possible that these skills were validated and implemented into the game.

The players picked out a few examples of what they are talking about. In their opinion, these skills, in their original forms, were simply unacceptable.

  • Rengar Ult

Currently, if the cat uses an ult and is close, we get a voice warning and we are marked. Back then, it wasn’t like that, and he could jump out without any warning, which there was no counterplay to.

  • Veigar – E

Many believe that Veigar’s cage is still too strong, as it holds the entire team. Once, however, it was definitely stronger. All this was due to the fact that it fired immediately and we had no chance to escape.

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  • Akali – W

The example is relatively recent, as it is only two years old. It is about Akali’s W, which she received immediately after the rework and could be invisible even under the opponent’s tower.

  • Silence

It was really strong on assassins and was hard to counter. We could be eliminated in a matter of moments without the use of any skill.

  • Quinn Ult

While she wasn’t strong, she was extremely annoying to her players. As one Reddit user mentions, the flight on Valor could be interrupted by even one single minion.

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There were definitely more such skills, but players remember them the most.