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The most popular LoL streamer in the world and his “perfect” deodorant promotion during the broadcast

You can really earn a lot on Twitch, but it has been known for a long time that the main source of income for streamers is not Twitch advertising.

Most streamers make money primarily from advertising for various products. League of Legends streamers had a really hard time in this regard because companies were usually interested in people streaming various games.

That is why Tyler1 started his first cooperation only in 2021. Interestingly, he is the most popular LoL streamer in the world at the moment, so companies are more and more willing to talk to him, even despite his past and quite specific behavior.

How not to advertise products

Tyler1 is by far number one when it comes to the popularity of “private” Twitch streams. There is only the official LCK channel in front of him. On average, its broadcasts were watched by 49,000 people in the last 30 days. Such numbers attracted sponsors, including Old Spice.

There are risks involved in advertising things with Tyler, however. Especially that Old Spice came up with the idea to make a characteristic deodorant sound with each subscription.

The streamer just got pissed and cut off the sound, realizing earlier that he had missed the most important element of the promotion.

Ads on Twitch have been a hot topic lately. Streamers directly say that they earn very little thanks to them and most of the streamers’ earnings come primarily from sponsors, deals, or such actions as with the deodorant.