League of Legends

“The most rude backdoor” on ARAM in LoL, for which players have been mocked by the community

A play that the player boasted about, but was unexpectedly laughed at.

There are thousands of matches played in League of Legends every day. Each of them is original in its own way and some of them can surprise even the oldest players.

This time, however, one of the Reddit users was laughed at by other players for his spectacular-looking action.

Bad play?

On League of Legends social forums, we can find a whole lot of interesting games from users. Some are less interesting, the other a bit more, the third delight practically everyone, and the fourth… evoke anger. This is what happened when a Reddit user with the nickname Karlssamu posted a clip in which he decided to backdoor the opponents’ Nexus with the entire team.

Explaining that Nasus has 1000 stacks, they decided to use Ryze and Taric’s ultimates to teleport to the Nexus itself and destroy it quickly:

As we can see, everything went smoothly and according to the expectations of the blue team. This ingenious and simple method ensured them victory without giving any chances to their opponents, but also contributed to negative feedback from commenters.

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The post is full of similar comments and many simply don’t understand why so many players “tryhard” as if they had never won the game before.

Some, however, defend the author and claim that not everyone wants to play for the sake of playing, but simply wants to win and that is what gives them joy. As you can see – many players, many opinions.