League of Legends

The official Pentakill profile compared Vex from LoL to Billie Eilish. It fits perfectly?

Who said Billie Eilish couldn’t have anything to do with LoL?

Yesterday, a video with a preview of the new heroine – Vex was released on League of Legends social media. The Grim Magician caused a great deal of buzz on the internet due to her interesting skill set and dark nature.

Interestingly, some noticed the resemblance to the famous artist – Billie Elish. The official League of Legends Pentakill profile even compared them.

What do Billie and Vex have in common?

From time to time, new characters whose personalities are really different come to League of Legends. Recently, a positive and well-built Akshan has been added, and now the dark and not-wanting contact with anyone Vex.

You can see the preview, skills and some interactions below: