The perfect bait in League of Legends? It seemed too obvious, yet it worked

One player has shown that an obvious bait can produce great results.

The League of Legends community knows that sometimes you need a properly set trap to catch your opponent. The ways are different – sometimes someone baits enemies on as lonely support, who pretends to be lost in the opposing team’s forest. It also happens that someone tempts another player with a ward, and when he approached to destroy him, he was immediately attacked.

A new clip has appeared on the Internet that shows a similar situation. According to many, the trap set was too obvious, yet the whole action ends fatally for one of the teams. What exactly happened?

Bait performed by Olaf

In the clip shared by Ikalsaurus, you can see Olaf from the red team is trying to pull back to base from bot lane. Leona is standing next to him, noticeably hesitating whether she should attack him. From her perspective, you can only see one enemy and a group of minions. Eventually, she decides to attack and pulls herself to the opponent with his E. Kai’Sa quickly runs out of the bushes, and Seraphine emerges from under the enemy tower. Leona already knows that she has fallen into a trap.

How did the whole situation end? You can see it in the video below.

As you can see, the trap you set turned out to be effective, as Leona not only died but also burned Flash and the ultimate.

Some of the commentators laughed that the player was caught on the obvious bait and his behavior was completely unreasonable. Others argued that in the lower divisions, recalls like this happen really often and it does not have to mean a trap and enemies hidden in the bushes.