League of Legends

The perfect precision of Ashe’s three ults on One for All in League of Legends. Not to be repeated

The players at One for All showed that they can perfectly match the heroines’ ultimate skills.

While One for All is no longer available in League of Legends, the community still shares footage of the most exciting plays. Recently, a video appeared on the web showing the fight between the team consisting of Lulu only and the team that includes only Ashe.

At one point, the red team played so well that one of the players said it was a play that was perfect for publishing on the Internet. He was right – the video quickly gained popularity. What exactly happened in this match?

Perfectly hit shots

In a video posted by a user named Divine714, you can see that one Ashe is running away from Lulu’s group on the top lane. At some point, the rest of the red team decides to use their ultimate. The rest of Ashe from the team is quite far away, in the midfield area.

After a while, however, it turns out that the allies have calculated the timing of the arrows very well, because each of the enemy Lulu that was chasing Ashe on top, was immobilized with a perfect ult hits.

It looks really interesting, especially since the shots hit one after another in a short time and seem to be perfectly aimed.

The fact that the action was probably not planned and was mostly accidental makes the situation look even better and more spectacular. It is difficult to do something like this, but the League of Legends community proves that it can do anything.