League of Legends

The player did a quadra in LoL without leaving the base. The Baron made it possible

A video showing an interesting quadra by Gangplank has appeared on the web.

Some situations in the game look extremely spectacular. It is often a show of exceptional skills or great cooperation of the entire team. It also happens that the quadra or penta is a bit of an accident. It is not a result of using a lot of skills, avoiding enemies, or an ambush. You only need one skill for this, without leaving the base. How it’s possible?

Quadra with the help of Baron Nashor

A video showing a rather unusual quadra has appeared on the network. Why unusual? Because the whole thing took place around Nashor, who played a significant role in the fight.

The one who got the quadra kill was Gangplank. The player has gained 4 kills without leaving the base. All he had to do was use his ultimate at the right moment, and the Baron did the rest.

Jak większość graczy wie, R bohatera – Kanonada, polega na wysłaniu sygnału na ostrzał na wybranym miejscu na mapie. Następnie w tym miejscu spada 12 fal salw kul armatnich, które ranią przeciwników i spowalniają ich.

As most players know, the hero’s R – Cannon Barrage, sends a signal to fire at a selected location on the map. Then 12 waves of cannonball volleys fall down here, hurting enemies and slowing them down.

Of course, the visibility on the Baron helped in the whole action, because without it, it would be difficult to choose the right moment to attack. Gangplank noticed that all opponents were running out of HP, so he decided to kill them with his ult.

These apparently underestimated their enemy. Some of them were still trying to beat Nashor. When Ahri or Blitzcrank died, Lee Sin still thought that he would be able to kill the Baron, but the whole action ended tragically for the blue team. The creature finished off the remaining players, providing a quadra kill to the aforementioned Gangplank.