League of Legends

The Second League of Legends Ranked Split will end a little later. Why?

League of Legends developers announced that the end of the 2nd Ranked Split has been postponed.

A ranked split has been added to League of Legends to keep players motivated to progress throughout the season, not just at the end of it. Rewards that can be received include, but are not limited to, emotes, icons, and profile items, such as a frame representing your rank. Split doesn’t reset player rank, and in fact, if someone doesn’t care about smaller gifts, they can completely ignore them.

Split end postponed

The latest announcement from Riot Games informed players that the second Ranked Split is to be expected on August 11.

While no reason was given, you can guess that this is Riot’s weekly break starting on August 2 (Riot takes a week off. League of Legends players will have a break from news and fixes).

Due to the fact that July is over, it means that the developers will soon have to start preparations for the Worlds championship. The holiday period was therefore not chosen accidentally.

This is also justified by the fact that patch 11.16 will hit the live servers on August 11, which means that players have to wait for the next update an additional week. Therefore, players have a bit more time to achieve the desired rank, which will allow them to unlock specific rewards.