There is a unique situation in LoL where you lose 5 AD while assembling this mythical item

A mythical item that will take you 5 AD.

There is a whole lot of different items in League of Legends, but it hasn’t yet taken AD away. Now it turns out that the last nerfs are followed by a mythical that offers -5 AD when you buy it.

This is about the Stridebreaker, which in Update 11.13 received a small nerf, but thus offers less damage..

Mythical that takes AD

In League of Legends, before we can assemble the main item, we first need to purchase some side items. They offer less than the whole item, so it is hardly surprising that players strive to buy it as quickly as possible. However, after the Stridebreaker nerf, it gives less AD than the stock items.

What is it actually about?

If we buy Pickaxe and Hearthbound Axe, we get 45 AD. However, Stridebreaker itself only offers 40 AD. This means when you pay more gold you will have less DMG.

Does a mythical stop being profitable? No, it still offers many other stats like Ability Haste, Health Points, and more. Not counting, of course, the unique passive. However, this could change the item’s popularity, which will also lead to its rebuffing in the future.