This action in LoL shows that it is worth checking the bushes on Summoner’s Rift carefully

A short film about the “invisible” Yasuo has become popular online.

It goes without saying that the vision in League of Legends is extremely important. A good placement of wards on the map gives a lot of information about what the opponent is currently doing, allows you to avoid a gang or an unpleasant situation with the opposite jungler.

Sometimes, unaware players approach an innocent-looking bush, only to notice that an ambush awaits them there.

However, sometimes the team completely ignores a given place, and no one from the team checks if there is an opponent in it. You might have guessed that this sometimes leads to some really fun actions.

The menacing Yasuo hidden in the bush

A short clip appeared on the web that quickly gained immense popularity. It shows Yasuo hiding in the bushes. Right next to him, the opposing team is fighting the dragon. Nobody checks if there is anyone in a nearby bush. When a monster is low on HP, Yasuo quickly steals it and, moreover, is still undetected.

After all the action, he slowly moves back to the place where he was standing. Only at the end, someone from the red team decides to set up a vision in the bushes. Unfortunately, it is too late anyway.

The comments alternately laughed in disbelief that the other team could have been so inattentive. Some noticed that the dragon attacked Yasuo at one point, but none of the red team reacted to it.

What’s even funnier is what happens at the end – even after realizing that something has gone wrong, the opposing team just walks away as if nothing had happened. The video is very popular and has received almost 13,000 positive reactions on Reddit.