This Jhin player defeated the dragon solo in less than a second. How is this even possible?

A video has appeared on the internet that shows an incredibly short fight with Mountain Drake.

From time to time, players share recordings with the rest of the community, showing incredibly fast capturing of various targets on the map – be it an extremely intense split push, or a solo Baron killing thanks to feed or a specific build. This time was no different. One of them boasted that he killed a dragon on his own in a split second. How did he do it?

Incredibly fast dragon kill alone

In a clip posted by WolfiousYT, Jhin is seen waiting for Mountain Dragon to revive. After a while, the dragon arrives on the map, positions itself in the designated place, and dies so quickly that other players did not even have time to react.

How did Jhin defeat the dragoon so quickly? All thanks to a specific build that the author of the film decided on. The combination of items such as Sorcerer Shoes, Essence Reaver, Navori Quickblades, Void Staff, Infinity Edge and Collector allowed him to inflict enormous damage that caused the dragon to fall practically on one hit.

Jhin’s lotus traps called Captive Audience scale with both AD and AP, but because they deal magic damage upon detonation, the item setup that this particular player opted for allowed the traps placed in a dragon pit to deal more than 7,500 damage to him after he spawns.

When triggered, the Lotus Trap slows all enemies in it by 35% for 2 seconds, then explodes dealing magic damage to all nearby enemies. Heroes recently hit, minions and monsters take 65% damage.

The author of the video explained why he chose this style of play.

“Trap Jhin is one of my favorite and most fun to play builds, it revolves around stacking your traps, which scale with both AD and AP, but deal Magic DMG. Getting Ability Haste is ideal because you can stack more traps faster, duh. However, with Navori Quickblades, every time you crit with your Basic attacks(sadly your 4rth innate crit doesn’t count) your basic abilities Cooldown will decrease, that means that you will be stacking Traps even faster, combine it with some more crit and magic pen, you can keep plenty of the normal crit Jhin damage with basic attacks but also deal insane damage with your traps.”

With this build, the author advises you to quickly assemble the Mage Shoes (which give you magic penetration), then focus on buying the Essence Reaver (which gives you ability haste, damage, and a higher chance of a critical strike), then purchase Navori Quickblades. After that, depending on whether the enemy has a lot of resists – either Blighting Jewel (part of Void Staff) or Collector at once.

As for runes, the player recommended: Dark Harvest, Cheap Shot, Eyeball Collection, and Ultimate Hunter, although as he noted, “everything really works”. In the second tree, it is worth choosing Manaflow Band and Transcendence or Presence of Mind and Coup De Grace.