This LoL event will not appeal to players who complete quick missions. Riot has disabled the option that allows easy grind

Riot decided to remove the option that allows you to complete missions quickly.

Each new League of Legends event is made up of a variety of missions. They are either harder or easier, but nearly all of them could be done in one easy way.

Unfortunately, however, Riot Games has decided to make grinding a bit more difficult and everyone will have to complete missions using the same method, which annoys the community. What is it all about?

Quests without bots

During each event that has appeared in recent years, players have been able to complete missions to deal damage, eliminate enemies, dragons, and more. Of course, they could be completed the traditional way by playing ranked games and regular normals or just playing bots, which was a great alternative for many players.

Not only are the games easy and we can be sure that we’ll win, but we can also grind damage without ending the game, doing Baron Nashor and dragons without fear that someone will take them from us. Plus, we knew it wouldn’t take long and we didn’t have to spend more than 25 minutes playing. Now, however, it is impossible and everyone will face traditional PvP grinding, which has been officially confirmed.

This, of course, id disliked by the community that was honest about the missions and didn’t use fancy ways to quickly finish the missions, such as using Anivia ult on enemies in their base to quickly get a mission with a million damage done:

Perhaps this is the reason why this option has been disabled, but this is not official information, but community guesswork.