Tier list of characters on Ultimate Spellbook, a new mode in LoL. Who is the best to play?

Who’s the best in the new LoL mode?

With Update 11.14, which hit the servers on Thursday, July 8, League of Legends made its way to an all-new mode for the first time. It’s called the Ultimate Spellbook and allows you to have one extra ultimate instead of a Summoner Spell.

As with any other mode that modifies the action or cooldown of a skill, the Tier List has also made its way into this. There are characters who, having one more ult, are able to destriy the opposing team by themselves. So who is the best to play?

Tier List

Currently, we can choose the ultimate of these characters:

  • Ahri: Spirit Rush
  • Amumu: Curse of the Sad Mummy
  • Ashe: Enchanted Crystal Arrow
  • Azir: Emperor’s Divide
  • Bard: Tempered Fate
  • Cho’Gath: Feast
  • Ezreal: Trueshot Barrage
  • Fiddlesticks: Crowstorm
  • Gragas: Explosive Cask
  • Gwen: Needlework
  • Janna: Monsoon
  • Jarvan IV: Cataclysm
  • Jhin: Curtain Call
  • Karthus: Requiem
  • Kayle: Divine Judgment
  • Kayn: Umbral Trespass
  • Kha’Zix: Void Assault
  • Lee Sin: Dragon’s Rage
  • Lissandra: Frozen Tomb
  • Lucian: The Culling
  • Lulu: Wild Growth
  • Lux: Final Spark
  • Malzahar: Nether Grasp
  • Maokai: Nature’s Grasp
  • Miss Fortune: Time Bullet Time
  • Mordekaiser: Realm of Death
  • Morgana: Soul Shackles
  • Nocturne: Paranoia
  • Nunu: Absolute Zero
  • Olaf: Ragnarok
  • Rell: Magnet Storm
  • Rengar: Thrill of the Hunt
  • Shen: Stand United
  • Skarner: Impale
  • Soraka: Wish
  • Talon: Shadow Assault
  • Tryndamere: Undying Rage
  • Xerath: Rite of the Arcane
  • Yone: Fate Sealed
  • Zoe: Portal Jump

Knowing that we can use these skills – what is the best choice to create a great combo?


  • Yone
    • Ultimate skills: Skarner, Nocturne, Kayn, Azir

They work great with his ult, additionally Yone doesn’t need mana and is mobile. Nocturne’s ult allows him to get into the fight quickly and works with E, Kayn’s ability allows him to reload the skill and survive for a few seconds before the team joins the fight. Azir works great with his ultimate, and by using Skarner’s R, we are able to jump to the enemy team, catch the weak opponent and return with E, which will effectively attract the opponent behind us.

  • Lee Sin
    • Ultimate skills: Ahri, Azir, Gragas, Zoe

Like Yone, he is mobile and requires no mana. The above ults increase his mobility and are great for insecs, or simply increase his “firepower” like Azir’s or Gragas’ ult.

  • Diana
    • Ultimate skills: Morgana, Ahri, Nocturne, Lissandra

The heroine, who deals massive damage and is able to eliminate the entire enemy team by herself with R, has one serious problem. She is susceptible to damage, therefore Lissandra will allow her to survive a bit longer in a team fight, Morgana will increase her damage and additionally provide crowd control, and Ahri and Nocturn will allow her to get into the middle of enemies more easily.

  • Irelia
    • Ultimate skills: Cho’Gath, Talon, Yone, Gwen

Talon will allow you to jump into enemies unexpectedly, Yone will increase the dash range, Cho’Gath will allow you to increase HP and deal true damage, and thanks to Gwen you will feel like you are before the rework.

  • Aatrox
    • Ultimate skills: Olaf, Mordekaiser, Morgana, Tryndamere

Aatrox deals tremendous damage, heals brilliantly and is also really tough. So, if he has a bit more resistance to cc’s, stops his opponents or becomes immortal, the opposing team will have something to worry about.