Top 5 LoL heroes for the top lane in the upcoming patch 11.14

Who is worth playing in the top lane in the upcoming patch 11.14?

In League of Legends, the meta changes practically every now and then. Once a given hero dominates, he is then nerfed and replaced with another. Now, with Update 11.14, which will be officially released on Thursday, July 8, there are a few characters that could shine through.

This time the meta prediction is only for the top lane. Who do players think will be a great pick in the upcoming patch?


In patch 11.14, he will receive a large buff and it is hardly surprising that he will probably take over the top for at least the next two weeks. Darius is a threat, especially in line combat. He is great in duels and thanks to his now buffed passive he can deal a huge amount of damage, and a longer exchange with him never ends well.


Currently one of the best top players in Update 11.13 and nothing should change about that. She has received no nerfs, and neither has her main items.


While he’s not played as often as he used to be, he’s still a really strong and safe pick. In addition, it is great for team fights, where it can easily surprise unsuspecting opponents and toss them all twice.


Sett is now high in the Top list of this patch. In this case, just like with Fiora, nothing should change, and getting 1800 True Damage will be a common sight.


Steel Shadow currently ranks right behind Nocturne in the tier of the TOP heroes list. However, he receives nerfs, which means that the heroine has a good chance to replace his leadership position and become the best TOPlaner. Especially since Riot has given the Dead Man’s Plate 10 more Armor and Camille has a massive amount of True Damage.

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