League of Legends

Troubling situation from League of Legends. Kayn got a kill without even touching his opponent

One of the players documented an unusual situation in LoL.

League of Legends is full of interactions seemingly incomprehensible to the community. Gamers constantly post their clips on the web, which somehow are able to surprise the users.

This group includes a video showing Kayn getting a kill without touching his opponent. Why did the system decide that the elimination should be added to the hero’s account?

Kill without touching an opponent?

The clip shared by user SeanBean420 kicks off with a fight between the two people playing Lee Sin and Zac in the top lane. Even though the latter won the match, the jungler tried to avenge Lee Sin. Zac, however, wanted to cleverly get out of this situation by being executed by the opposite tower. However, something happened that surprised a large number of commentators.

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As you can see, when the tower knocked Zac down, no execution took place, and the kill was given to Kayn, who had no chance to attack his opponent. However, after watching the video again, you will notice that the character has stepped on the blob that heals Zac when he picks it up.

It seems the blob pass is coded as damage, just as auto attack will always deal 1 point of damage to the ward.

I wonder if these blobs accidentally got the same part of the code as the pieces of Zac that make the hero able to regenerate after death. If you damage these fragments, you should get an assist / kill, but that shouldn’t be the case with HP recovery blobs.

I think Kayn kind of “tapped” Zac, so maybe it’s working as intended? I am thinking more logically than gameplay fairly. There was a piece of Zac on the ground, and Kayn destroyed it.

You can see that the situation is very puzzling, and the players are not sure if such a thing really should take place. Perhaps this is a bug in the game, which – as is well known – are not missing in League of Legends.