Tyler1 made the player exit the Champion Select screen in LoL and lost their promo. How?

How did one player lose a game for promo because of Tyler1?

Tyler1 is certainly known by the majority of the League of Legends community. The player is famous mainly for his specific personality and the way he conducts his transmissions.

Among the community, you can meet both his fans and many people who criticize his behavior. But where are the boundaries, and doesn’t contributing to the fact that allies have to leave the lobby not exceed them?

Why did the player have to exit the Champion Select screen?

The draft queue, which can be found in most game modes in League of Legends, is characterized by players on both teams choosing their heroes in a specific order. Often, items such as mid or top prefer to show their champions a bit later so that opponents cannot adapt to them, and for this reason, allies are asked if they would like to choose a character for them.

This was where Tyler1 found himself, whose ultimate goal was slightly different.

The Streamer picked the hero an ally asked for, and when it was time for him to decide who should be picked for him, he just kept silent. Why?

I think that if I don’t say anything, maybe he’ll dodge. I think that’s the play here. I’m not gonna type. ACtually, I’ll type the last second.

Tocco chose Irelia but did not manage to block her. Why did Tyler act this way? During the stream, he mostly tried to play Quinn, who was banned, and moreover, according to players, he was already tilted due to the number of games won and lost.

In the comments, you can also find many opinions about the exchanges themselves. Many players admit that for this very reason they do not agree to such proposals.