League of Legends

Urf returns to LoL, when exactly will it be made available to players?

It has been confirmed that one of the most popular modes will soon return to LoL.

One of the most liked modes in League of Legends is URF. It appears every few months and is of great interest to the community.

Now we know that it will hit the servers very soon, and this was confirmed by one of Riot’s employees on her Twitter account. So when can we get ready to play Ultimate Rapid Fire?

Urf comes back

Skill cooldown reduction, infinite mana, and a huge cannon transporting us to the center of the map. A game mode designed to fight. So it’s hardly surprising that a lot of players are eagerly waiting for it to hit the official servers.

Fortunately, it won’t take long and Riot Reinboom announced on Twitter that it is currently being tested on PBE and will hit the official servers next patch.

This means that it will hit the official servers on Wednesday, September 22. So there is the last chance to play with the currently available One for All.