Urgot’s ultimate can be activated when the champion is eaten by Tahm Kench

An interesting situation happened to one of the LoL players.

Tahm Kench received a minor rework in the last update. Unfortunately, it had a negative impact on the champion’s winrate.

The talk about the bizarre interactions that players manage to discover also continues. Previously, the hero could turn into walking artillery by devouring the escaping Jhin, which you can read about in this article (Jhin escaping from Tahm Kench’s belly – examples of strange interactions with the reworked LoL champion), and now one fan has experienced an interesting situation playing against Urgot.

Urgot ulting from inside Tahm Kench

Despite the patching of a bug where some of Tahm Kench’s allies could use their abilities when devoured by him, a user with the nickname EddyMcSandbag has encountered an interesting interaction that makes the swallowed Urgot still able to attract his victim when their health bar is short enough.

It’s hard to say if the developers wanted the ability to ultimately work that way. However, it is worth remembering that by playing Tahm Kench it will not be possible to save your ally from Urgot’s ultimate.