Vayne “E” is broken? It turns out that she is terrain herself and can stun enemies

A curious bug in LoL that shows Vayne is considered terrain.

League of Legends is full of surprises, and the last few months have shown bugs as well. In addition to the return of the old Ryze mechanics for several hours, Warwick’s teleportation to the enemy base, and more, players learned that Vayne is considered terrain.

Renekton found out about it and, wanting to eliminate an opponent from the top lane, flashed at her and got CC. How did it look like?

Vayne as a terrain

In LoL, we have a whole bunch of skills that interact with the terrain. One of them is Vayne’s “E”, which pushes the opponent away, but if he is in front of the wall, he will be pushed into it and stunned.

However, it has recently been discovered that we do not need a wall at all. It is enough for a hostile champion to step on us to stop him effectively:

Will it be fixed? We don’t know this, but perhaps Riot will throw this into a long list of bugs. At the moment, it is worth knowing that there is an interaction and you should keep a minimum distance from Vayne.