League of Legends

Vex – skills. A first look at the skills of the upcoming LoL character

As per usual, we got to know the abilities of the upcoming character known as Vex prematurely.

A while ago, the first skin was accidentally revealed. Now the trailer for Vex has appeared, giving a preview of the skills for the first time. Everything is still very fresh, so we have to wait for the full description – Riot did not plan to release this presentation right now.

Regardless of Riot’s plans, you can already see the first skin and the heroine look like. From the video itself, you can also get an idea of how the skills will work.

Vex – Skills

The videois from a leak, it is a first glimpse of the character’s abilities. Description with specific skills will appear in some time.

It can be expected that the official description will come out in some time. We will update the article as new information becomes available.