League of Legends

What does Rammus new ultimate look like at high movement speed?

Rammus, which has a lot of speed of movement, looks great when using his new ult.

League of Legends is an immensely popular game. As a result, there will be players who will want to find the game’s limits. The most popular personality behind finding interactions between champions or objects is Vandiril. But there are many more fascinated by this topic.

One of the players decided to test how Rammus’s new ultimate will work when he gets a lot of movement speed buffs. What’s the result?

New Rammus ult and movement speed

In LoL there are several distinguishable abilities that become stronger thanks to the increased movement speed. Rammus’s new ultimate will work similarly to Warwick’s. The faster the champion moves, the farther he will be able to move using ult.

This skill specification, with help of a few specific items and selected champions, can lead to making our hero move to the other side of the map in no time.

KimimotoLP decided to test what it looks like with Rammus.

Achieving almost 10,000 movement speed is impossible to achieve in a normal game due to the fact that it required a few champions to speed up their ally. Although such an effect is quite spectacular, it is unlikely to work in a regular game due to how much preparation it takes to achieve it.‚Äč