League of Legends

What does the new figurine from League of Legends look like? This time it’s K/DA Ahri

 K/DA Ahri figurine from League of Legends.

Riot Games offers players a lot of interesting League of Legends items. Starting from Yasuo T-shirts, to various Jinx, Sony figurines, and more.

This time, the statuette of Ahri, a well-known member of K/DA, was presented. Unfortunately, it can only be purchased by Chinese citizens. But what does it look like?

K/DA Ahri figurine

Probably every League of Legends player has heard about the K/DA, and not only. Therefore, it is hardly surprising that Riot has decided on many different types of collaborations related to them, which is already very difficult to enumerate, and if that was not enough, another figure has been released. This time from Apex Innovation and it looks like this:

We can pre-order it on this website, but unfortunately, it is not shipped outside China.