What happens when the owner of all emotes in LoL exchanges one of them for unknown?

One player has decided to see what happens when he starts drawing unknown emotes after unlocking every single one available in the game.

League of Legends players collect all kinds of things. Some decided to get all the champions, and then, a moment after the premiere, they also buy the latest champions, so that their collection is always full. There are also those who want to get as many icons from various events or sets as possible.

In addition, the game also allows you to collect skins, chromas, frames on the loading screen, skins for wards and emotes. One player set out to collect all emotes that are available in the game and see what happens if he exchanges one for an unknown one after completing the collection.

All emotes unlocked in League of Legends

The whole idea was written by SchuKadaj, who learned the hard way what it was like to have all the emotes available in the game.

However, the drawing of the next ones did not bring any surprising results. The player noticed that each new “unknown” emote is simply a duplicate of one already unlocked. Emotes can duplicate just like skins in the Hextech Workshop.

One of the Rioters – RiotRayYonggi – commented on the situation, writing:

When I’m in the queue or watching something on the second monitor, I try to reroll the emotes to get one big stack of the same emote. At the moment, I have a few stacks of 5 of the same emotes, but it has taken me many hours.