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What skills did Vi have at the design stage? The LoL designer reveals some secrets

Rioter reveals some secrets about one of LoL’s older heroines. What was her skill set at the design stage?

Champions who make their way to League of Legends have their own unique skill sets that often change completely throughout the character design phase. Each one of them goes through several stages of development before it hits the test servers. There were also situations when literally the whole set is thrown away and designing begins from scratch.

In 2012, when Vi entered League of Legends, few players realized that her skill set designed in the early stages of her character creation allowed her to be in a 2D game based on duels between characters.

Combos have always been a key element in these types of games, and the early Vi set allowed for this type of skill mix.

What could Vi’s skills be like?

The first version of Vi’s ultimate could have looked completely different depending on which ability the player paired her with.

On the other hand, V’s W was able to reflect the first skill that was hit, and the passive ability meant that 10 hits immediately knocked the enemy hero down.

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Players commenting on this set felt that this ultimate would be a great idea for the current League. What does August – the Riot’s designer, say?

Doing this on a high cooldown R is rough because people don’t get enough chances to try all the different combos and see what they do. Would see players just default to the same combo every time.

If I was to try it again, I think it’d work better on something low CD

Although the champion’s ultimate retained one of her main elements, i.e. the jump to the opponent, it could have been much more extensive. The other two ideas are something most players wouldn’t expect from Vi at all and which could look really interesting. Nevertheless, there are certain reasons that made Riot go in a different direction.