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What skills will Vex have in LoL? Unofficial description based on the video and release date

Description of the skills of the new heroine in League of Legends.

Yesterday, the official trailer of the long-announced by the developers the Grim Mage appeared. While her skills have been shown, they have yet to be officially described.

However, it was done by fans who, based on what Riot has shared, can guess what set she may have. It is certain, however, that she will mainly use its shadow, which is its inseparable element.

Vex’s skills

The developers announced the new heroine a long time ago, but felt she needed to spend more time with the design team and she wasn’t ready for the premiere yet, and Akshan was released instead.

Now she’s ready and Riot has decided to share her official trailer, which appeared on YouTube yesterday.

In addition to a few interactions, all her skills are shown:

  • A long-range shadow shot, possibly a Q that can spam.
  • A journey in the shadows that increases her speed. Perhaps it is a passive that allows her to move faster around the map.
  • A large circle that inflicts fear and can be cast on a greater distance.
  • Transform into a shadow and dash to enemies several times (reset after elimination?), Even when they are behind a wall.

These are just guesses at the moment, but many gamers think she’s another complicated character who will ultimately “do nothing”.

The first skin

Apart from that, her skin was also revealed. In addition to splash art, the in-game appearance is also shown and is well worth a look at. Splash art:

In-game model:

The first thing the community noticed was her hands. The graphics show them clearly long, but in the game they are short and, according to the players, it looks bad.

Although it is known that splash art differs from what a skin looks like in the game, the developers changed the character several times to reflect the most important elements at least in a small part. Perhaps the same will be the case here.

Release date

At the moment, it is not known when Vex will go to League of Legends. At the moment, she is not yet on the PBE. Despite this, Rayan Mirales, who deals with character design, revealed some interesting information some time ago.

Among other things, he confirmed that she was to participate in the Sentinels of Light event, but due to delays, she would be part of the next one. An employee on July 29 stated that if everything was fine with her, she would be on official servers in September.

Perhaps the trailer is a confirmation of this information and Vex will come to us in patch 11.19, i.e. on Wednesday, September 22, and on PBE in a week – September 9. Remember, however, that these are only speculations and not official information.