League of Legends Minecraft

What will happen if Minecraft and LoL are combined? Perfectly reproduced statues of champions

The great LoL champions project in Minecraft.

League of Legends is a game that inspires thousands of players around the world to create amazing works related to champions or their stories.

Minecraft, on the other hand, offers tools that allow you to make a lot of ideas a reality, from music to basic working computers. One of the players decided to transfer the LoL character model to a square world from Mojang studio and it did really well.

Jinx in Minecraft

Minecraft is a game that probably everyone knows. Thanks to the creativity of the players, it offers many different ways to spend your free time. Additionally, if we have the soul of an artist and do not want to collect resources, we can use the creative mode to build something amazing.

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A great example of showing off skills is the work of Twitter user @MSKitt_. His first work was Spirit Blossom Vayne:

Now Jinx joins her with her basic model that has delighted Reddit users:

It is worth paying attention to the great fit of the statue to the terrain, which could decorate more than one server.