League of Legends

What’s going on in bronze at LoL? Jhin with 9 health vs fed Dr. Mundo with full HP

An amazing duel in LoL that has become the definition of bronze.

There are several ranks in League of Legends that differentiate players based on their playing skills. The two lowest are iron and bronze, and this is where beginners who are just starting their adventure with the largest MOBA in the world are found.

One player decided to show the community an action that many commenters believe has become the definition of a bronze move and they don’t believe how it actually could have happened.

Jhin vs Dr Mundo

Everyone who plays League of Legends probably did a great action at least once, which even Faker would not be ashamed of. It also works the other way around and we all f-ed up something at least once in our career, played stupid, and got a shower of question marks. Especially if we were the last living and it was up to us whether we would win or lose.

However, there are situations that definitely cannot be played badly, and yet… This action is shown perfectly by the clip of one of the Reddit users with the nickname kezm7x3. After eliminating Akali, where he barely escaped with his life, he had to deal with the fed Dr Mundo running towards him. How did he do?

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As we can see, Jhin has only 9 HP left at one point, but he managed to escape thanks to the help of allied turrets and the ability to dodge choppers, and finally, he finished off an already weakened opponent.