When will Akshan be released in LoL and what line will he be on? Quick and to the point

On what line will Akshan be played and when will he be officially released?

Yesterday we got to know the skills of the newest hero in League of Legends – Akshan. He hit the PBE servers in the evening and is currently being tested by players who can’t wait for it.

Although it looks like a slightly tuned-up ADC, bot will not be his main role. Where can we expect it and when will it be made available to players?

Akshan line and his premiere

Probably most League of Legends players are waiting for a new Sentinel of Light, who is to help Senna and Lucian in the fight against Viego who is looking for his wife. However, he is not destined for the bottom lane, but as the Riottairers assure it, it is the middle lane.

As we can see in Rioter’s explanations, the bot has less roaming potential and insufficient attack range.

However, when it comes to the release date, it is expected to be released on patch 11.15, on July 21. However, he will be available to play on July 22nd.