When will LoL players learn about the developers’ further plans for the upcoming heroes?

What is known about the next roadmap that would reveal the plans of LoL’s creators?

Riot regularly adds new champions to its game and tries to share its plans with players in advance. The creators do it via roadmaps, from which you can find out, among other things, what class the hero will have or what position they were originally designed for.

From the previous post of the creators, you could learn more about Dr. Mundo, Akshana or the upcoming mage Vex.

Kiedy pojawi się kolejna roadmapa?

As there is more and more talk about Vex, the character will probably see the light of day soon. This will mark Riot completing the last roadmap it shared with players. The developers revealed individual pieces of information, but none of them was specific. This year, two shooters are expected to appear – the first is Akshan, and the second is to appear after Vex.

So the fans are looking for another roadmap that would shed some more light on the upcoming champions. The designer responsible for the heroes in League of Legends announced that this one is to appear after the release of the next character.

I’m not sure when the next roadmap will be at this point. It will likely be sometime in between Vex and the Champion after her.

Akshan is expected to appear on live servers on July 21 in the 11.15 update. He is approximately 3 months away from the release date of his previous character, Gwen. So it can be expected that the exact schedule of the developers’ plans will appear in about 4 months when Vex will be on the servers.