When will the latest League of Legends champion skins be available for purchase?

Patch 11.13 is coming to LoL in a moment. When will the skins added to it be available for purchase?

Due to the fact that League of Legends is a free game, the developers had to find a different way to generate income for the company. The main ones have become skins, which are regularly added to the game in subsequent updates.

More skins from the Astronaut series and the Prestige PROJECT: Zed skin release are added in patch 11.13. When will players be able to buy them?

The release date of the new skins

Skins introduced in the latest patch 11.13 will be available a bit later, which the developers decided to inform players in the update list.

PROJECT: Zed (Prestige Edition) will be available June 24, 2021 Astronaut Maokai, Astronaut Rammus, Astronaut Veigar and Astronaut Corki will be available July 1, 2021.

Players will have to wait another week for skins from the Astronaut series, while the prestigious edition of the well-known Zed skin will be available today (Presentation of four new skins for LoL – Astronaut Maokai, Rammus, Veigar and Corki).​