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When will the newest PROJECT skins be available in League of Legends?

Update 11.11 has already been released in LoL. When will the skins added to it be available for purchase?

New skins are regularly added to League of Legends, which are a continuation of a given line or are something completely new for players.

The PROJECT series is very popular among the community, and the new skins have already become famous for their innovative solutions. When will it be possible to test and purchase these skins on official servers?

The release date of the new skins

In the latest update list of 11.11 you can find not only item and hero fixes but also a mention of new skins from the PROJECT series.

Skórki PROJEKT: Sejuani, PROJEKT: Mordekaiser, PROJEKT: Renekton, PROJEKT: Senna, PROJEKT: Sylas, PROJEKT: Sylas (Prestiżowa Edycja) oraz PROJEKT: Varus will be available on May 27, 2021.

Players will be able to purchase the above-mentioned skins tomorrow, and their in-game appearance and splash art can be viewed in this article – Presentation of new skins for LoL from the Project series – Senna, Renekton, Mordekaiser, Sejuani, Varus, Sylas.