League of Legends

When will the next roadmap be released, revealing the plans of LoL creators for the next months?

LoL players will soon be able to learn more about the upcoming champions and the rework the team is working on.

A roadmap is an entry that is created by designers from time to time and informs fans about the plans for their production by the creators. In the case of League of Legends, on the roadmap, you can take a look at the upcoming champions or reworks that the Rioters are working on.

Due to the fact that the previous roadmap was revealed over 4 months ago, it’s time to learn about the designers’ further plans.

When will the next roadmap be released?

The last entry from the creators of LoL appeared four months ago and you could find information about Dr. Mundo and Udyr reworks, Akshan, who was about to be released, and the teaser of Vex – another heroine that players could meet during the last event called Sentinels of the Light 2021.

According to the entry of one of the Rioters – Reav3 – the main producer of heroes, another roadmap would appear at the end of this month.

I’m working on it and it should come out near the end of this month.

Fans who comment on the employee’s statement hope to learn more about Udyr since Riot is still working on him. Due to the fact that a few months ago the creators already had the concept of a transformed champion, it is quite likely that now players will be able to learn much more about its new incarnation.

However, it will be possible to find out about it in less than a month, when Riot publishes a roadmap and shares further plans for the heroes in League of Legends.