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Which line is the most toxic in League of Legends? The player was writing down all toxic’s

An interesting experiment of a player shows which line is the most toxic.

Probably everyone knows that League of Legends is considered the most toxic game in the world. The community comes up with more and more original insults intended to offend both the enemy and allies.

Although it has already been noticed that most unpleasant words go to the junglers, another experiment was carried out on the “most toxic line”.

Toxic lines in LoL

Many League of Legends players complain about the toxic community that can insult others both on rankeds, as well as on ARAMs and other modes focused mainly on having fun. According to the community, the jungle is flamed most often because it has a huge impact on the game. It has to control the objects on the map and is often blamed for losing a given line.

However, this was not enough for a Reddit user yasumasa, who acknowledged every negative behavior for 121 games and then wrote it down into a table. His main position was ADC and MID, so he collected less data from these lines. What does the summary look like?

As we can see, TOP seems to be the least toxic, where out of 117 other players, only 15 of them flamed. On the other hand, out of 72 BOT players, 14 were toxic.

While it might not seem like a lot, after summing up all the matches, 46% of them had someone who spoiled the atmosphere. Additionally, stats may vary per picks. If he was playing Yasuo, Master Yi, Teemo, or any other hated champion, the numbers could be higher. This could also be influenced by the division, the author admits that the data concerns the EUW server and games at the Gold level.