League of Legends

Why are the best LoL players not using Skillshots in these places? It’s all about perspective

There are a few strange things about LoL that not everyone knows about. This has a lot to do with character hitboxes and map layout.

Despite the passage of many years, things that are theoretically difficult to explain are still happening in LoL. They make some players not use their Skillshots in specific places on the map, or possibly targeting in a unique way.

It all has to do with the layout of the terrain and the perspective that can play tricks at times. The case is not new. What is it actually about?

How should you aim in these places?

This specific clip inspired us to create the article. What is it all about?

Apart from death and focusing strictly on hitboxes, what exactly happened here? Exactly why the best players, when using skills here, always take some tweak to the flight path. This applies to virtually any location with a slope.

On Summoner’s Rift, of course, the river is a neuralgic place. Why? It is located lower, which means that skills should be used in a specific way, shooting purposely a bit beside. This is exactly what it looks like in the game:

Why is this happening? It’s not about broken hitboxes as you might think. Perspective is the key. Whether or not Riot should patch it is another matter entirely, but it does seem to work as it should here.

If we assume that the red circle is our opponent, and the blue path is the route of our skill, then in a certain position it seems that the blue line should not “hit” the circle.

This is why in many cases people either try to “level” with the opponent or take an additional tweak to their skills by aiming a bit from the side. Often, when looking at matches at the highest level, you will see that the player chooses to keep their Skillshot until the characters are at the same level.

It would seem that this is completely basic knowledge, but in fact, many people don’t know about it. Mainly because it happens on the edge of the river and hardly anyone actually connects “broken hitboxes” with the level change.