Why can’t LoL players turn the volume up to 46, 67, or 99? A perfectionist hell

League of Legends has all sorts of bugs. One of them concerns a rather trivial thing, which, as it turns out, makes some people sleepless.

LoL is very specific when it comes to customer service and the settings in the game. Every LoL player has experienced a bug, exploit, or glitch directly related to the store, matchmaking, or settings at least once.

It turns out that Riot’s production has one more, quite specific characteristic. Most players cannot set a specific volume on the client. It’s just impossible no matter how many times they try.

A perfectionist hell in LoL

As you know, there are some players who don’t care what settings they have and usually play on the default ones. There are also those who, in each game, have to play with the options and arrange everything to make it as comfortable as possible for them to play, which is a common and natural behavior. But some perfectionists need to play with very similar, if not the same settings.

The same is true for some League of Legends players who would like to adjust the game volume to suit them best, but it may be sadly not possible. It turns out that the game simply does not allow you to adjust the volume to some specific levels:

  • 5
  • 10
  • 15
  • 20
  • 30
  • 40
  • 46
  • 49
  • 60
  • 67
  • 80
  • 86
  • 92
  • 99

It would seem somehow logical that you cannot set the full values, but suddenly 46 or 49 appears and it makes no sense anymore.

What’s going on here? This is probably related to resolution – although this has not been confirmed. If you have a specific monitor and resolution, you will be able to set it, if not, it will be impossible for you.

Will Riot fix it? Rather doubtful. It does not affect the gameplay or the comfort of playing. As Reddit users write, it can only be annoying for people who, for example, like to have everything set to full values, like 20, 30, etc.