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Why did Riot quietly replace one PRIDE icon with another? See in your inventory

The mysterious Project 2021 icon. What’s with it?

In the inventories of League of Legends players, an icon has appeared representing a new skin for Varus from the Project 2021 series. Players are wondering what is it about and where it came from.

It turns out that it looked completely different before and its appearance has probably been replaced. How was it possible to get it?

Project 2021 already with players

Soon, new Project 2021 skins will be added to the League of Legends store. Along with them, icons will also appear. It turns out that some players received one of them in the morning, namely Project Varus 2021.

But no one bought it and did not complete any missions, so questions about its origin began. It is especially astonishing that there are no new “Projects” in the store yet.

How did players get the icon? If we look at the history of the missions performed, we will notice two of the same ones that relate to the Pride event, and completing them was possible until yesterday. Then we got two of the same icons representing the Little Legend of Furyhorn.

After today’s update, one of them has been replaced with the Varus icon, and this is how we received the Varus Project icon for the Pride 2021 mission. It has also been changed in completed missions and Varus is displayed instead of “Pride 2021 Icon”.

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At the moment, it is not known whether this is Riot’s deliberate attempt to reward players who wanted to complete the Pride mission with a unique icon, or a simple mistake. Some speculate that this is a reference to his story and a deliberate act because Darkin Varus combined the bodies of two homosexuals. Developers, however, have not commented on this at the moment.