League of Legends

Why do bronze players lose their minds? People about their experiences in this magical rank

What is brown life like? Players share their observations.

What happens in bronze stays in bronze. Probably everyone has heard this slogan in one form or another, but this time the community decided to reveal the secret.

A lot of players have gathered on Reddit, including smurfs and the most-mentioned division in League of Legends. What’s going on in bronze?

The bronze division in practice

Until 2019, in League of Legends, the weakest players were in the lowest division – bronze, but that changed thanks to Iron, which was placed even lower. However, this doesn’t mean that players’ skills have soared and we will still find those who are just starting their adventure on Summoner’s Rift.

The rules prevailing there, behavior, and moving around the map can be surprising for someone from higher divisions, so it was decided to show it to the community. In a specially created thread on Reddit, users shared their own adventures and recorded the behavior of others. Here’s what was noted:

  • Some people may think that they are trolling, although in fact they “normally” play.
  • Nidalee, Shaco, and Olaf players often farm for up to 15 minutes without making any ganks.
  • Junglers often stand in the bush for a few minutes, “ambushing”.
  • Support without a lens is standard.
  • Ezreal on TOP, even if you already have Tristana on MID, Jinx on ADC and Kindred in jungle.
  • The jungler tries to make Baron Nashor himself and dies.
  • Losing a 1v1 fight for 3 times means you have to try a few more times.
  • It is always someone else’s fault:
    • If it weren’t for the team, I would at least have gold or a diamond.
  • Chasing your opponent halfway through the map to finally be eliminated.
  • Winning the fight means going back to the base.
  • 40 cs in 10 minutes.
  • Nobody buys Control Wards.

The best definition of bronze is perhaps one of the comments from Reddit users. This one indicates that you should expect nothing from anyone, not even yourself, because you are bronze yourself. If you hope that someone will predict something – most often they will not.

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It is worth noting that some of these cases also take place in higher divisions, but bronze and iron are the most numerous.