Why is this champion considered the Best Designed in League of Legends?

A champion from LoL that has been considered by players to be the best designed.

In League of Legends, players have over 150 characters at their disposal. Each of them has unique skills that make them stand out.

However, some are considered unbalanced, toxic, too strong, or too simple. It turns out, however, that one of the characters seems to be “perfect”, which was noticed by a large number of players. Who is it about?

Best designed

Although League of Legends has more than 150 characters at players’ disposal, one of them is unique and recently won the title of Best Champion on Reddit. We are talking about Sion, who stands out from the rest. What’s so special about it? Here are some examples from the user with the nickname papu16:

  • He is not oriented around “fck X playstyle/damage type/class” and totally useless against other(best example here poppy who is monster against dash oriented champs and pretty meh against someone like Morde or GP who dont have that. Sion is equal against everyone(except Vayne, hate her 🙁 )

  • Counterplay – you can react and play around every his ability, they are not point&click and sion needs to land them.

  • Huge build diversity, you can build literally every ad item on him and that’s gonna gonna work pretty well. Wanna go letality to oneshot everyone? No problem bro, you are also pretty tanky in midgame because of passive, you can go into bruiser build and even crit sion is a thing. If you are weird dude who enjoys playing around 1-2 abilitys? Ap sion is the way

  • Fulfilling fantasy – when you play as him(Especially in mid-late game) you can really feel yourself as undead juggernaut who gonna smash entire enemy team even after his death.

  • He is just fun – after his vgu he got pretty solid niche and loyal playerbase, some of them main him, when another like him as second/pocket pick. He is not Mao or Malph who doing same things in 90% of their matchups. You have different ways to deal with different champions and because of build diversity and his difficulty(easy to learn, hard to master(yea he is not someone like Riven or Yas but there is a space for improving )).

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Many people agreed with the author in the comments that he is the perfect character for those who like variety playing only one champion. In addition, they add that they also have a great time hiding in the bushes and punishing the unaware of consequences of approaching an unwarded enemy zone.

Of course, there are also a lot of Sion’s opponents who will pay attention to strange hitboxes and a huge amount of CCs and damage resistance, but in fact, there will always be at least one person who does not like a given hero.