League of Legends

Will it be possible to turn off the skins in LoL to increase visibility?

Gamers wonder if there will ever be an option to disable skins while in-game.

It cannot be denied that skins are a really important element of League of Legends. Many people spend a hefty sum of money on them. It is not only to enjoy multiple skins for their favorite champion but also to show off a great collection on their profile.

However, there are also those who do not like skins and would most willingly throw them out of the game. In their opinion, they make the game unreadable. There was a lot of talk about some skins giving abilities effects that spoil the clarity of the game. It also happens that some players have a problem with recognizing opponents. It is because of the skins that greatly change the appearance of the champion.

Will Riot ever give an option to disable in-game skins visibility?

Disabling skins in League of Legends

One of the famous Rioters – Andrei “Meddler” van Roon explained why removing the visibility of skins would not be a good idea.

Real talk here – cosmetics are how we pay our bills and fund ongoing development on League. Skins are a huge part of that, and many players like skins because they’re displayed to others. Introducing uncertainty as to whether anyone sees a skin you love and purchased risks significantly undercutting our ability to run as a business.

ALSO – For a year now, there has been a bug in LoL that “turns” root into a stun and prevents from using basic attacks

It sounds kind of cold to put it like that, but really we want to keep League running for the long haul so you can keep playing and we can keep working on the game we all love. Our belief is that the “free-to-play model supported by power-neutral cosmetics” is quite player friendly overall, and we’ll keep working to level up gameplay clarity across the board so League can stick around for years (decades?) to come.