“Your Shop” may return to League of Legends soon. Everything that is known about it

Personalized promotions called “Your Shop” will likely be back in the game soon.

A well-known and popular form of promotion in League of Legends may be available soon. According to the PBE update, “Your Shop” may already appear in patch 11.15.

“Your shop” in League of Legends

Most LoL players love “Your Shop” for the fact that promotions are tailored to the player’s individual needs. The system tries to select what may be of interest to a given person. This is the perfect opportunity to stock up on new skins without spending a lot of money.

The promotions are good for both parties – Riot is making a lot of money because players tend to be tempted by some kind of skin, and the community is happy to see it expanding its skin collection. No wonder so many people are waiting for the return of the personalized store.

Gamers have noticed that this form of promotion has reappeared on the test server. It is known from the past that very often such a return to PBE meant that “Your shop” will soon be on live servers. The players hope it won’t be any different this time.

It is worth remembering how exactly the described form of promotion works. Perhaps new players are not aware that the latest skins cannot be on sale. So it is vain to look for, for example, skins related to the latest event.

Which skins will not go to “Your Shop”?

  • Legendary skins
  • Super skins
  • Heroes and skins released in the latest patches
  • Limited skins
  • Skins exclusive to loot
  • Skins that are on sale during the offer period
  • Skins not sold for RP (bundle only, Victorious, Prestige, etc.)

The discount bot can select skins for champions you already have skins for, especially if they appear frequently in your game history. We hope you will find another skin of interest in the store or one that would not normally be available!