Zilean from LoL will receive new VFX on his skills. How do the new animations look like?

What will the refreshed Zilean look like? The creators showed new animations of the champion.

League of Legends regularly receives updates refreshing slightly outdated heroes. Recently, players have been dealing with a Rammus rework, which has also improved a lot of the champion’s animation. This time, Zilean will receive the VFX update, and his new animations will better resemble those known from Legends of Runeterra.

New Zilean’s Effects

Rioter Sirhaian decided to inform about the fixes that Riot is working on. Even though the update is not full of news, Zilean players will surely be pleased with it.

This update has really little priority – the only goal is to update some of the basic VFX effects to better match the appearance of the hero with the style known from Legends of Runeterra.

Q got a very interesting animation that the designer also showed in slow motion.

The appearance of the basic attack has also been changed.

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The new ultimate animations will receive the Blood Moon and Sugar Rush skins.